My hair journey

In 2018 after years and years of bad haircare I decided to change my routine. I had coloured my hair blonde and the damage was extreme. I then decided to introduce a new regimen that was pretty simple and straightforward. 

It involved long term protective styling and intense moisture.  Let me walk you through my recovery phase. 

Long term PS 

For my long term protective styling I chose faux locs using Marley braid or Brazilian wool. I would keep these in for a period of 1-4  months. I know, I was a bit extra. It was necessary however considering the damage.  


For my moisture I did a treatment called Green house effect. 

What is GHE? 

A process that helps with moisture retention. One needs a sleeping cap , plastic cap ,natural butter or oil & ,water ( optional) . The aim is to create a Green house type environment on the scalp . The warmth will help the oils be absorbed into the hair. 

How to do GHE 

1. Lightly spray hair with water (optional) 

2. Apply oil or butter 

3. Massage 

4. Wear shower cap 

5. Wear sleeping cap.

There is no need to rinse your hair afterwards. I would go overboard with this and do it every night. I also washed my hair monthly , re-moisturised and renewed the locs. 


Since I had damaged blonde ends I had to trim the ends of my hair every time I removed my locs. It was a terrible but necessary experience.

Choosing to do what was right for my hair was a difficult but necessary process for my hair journey. Due to this , I will be sharing with you more of my journey to healthy hair.