Does Working out promote hair growth?

I have always envied working out but I never got down to it for some strange reason.  I would start then give up along the way. Now , however with the lockdown I decided to give a go again,  hopefully forever . (Lol) 

Working out generally promotes a healthy lifestyle. You breathe better,  your heart beats faster ; come on you even have a new pep in your step. Well guess what ? It benefits your hair as well. Ask me how …

  1. Blood circulation- with increased blood circulation in your body and scalp hair growth is stimulated,  leading to a healthier head of hair. 
  2. Cell regeneration- when we exercise our body works better,  more cells are produced and the protein intended for the hair is directed there instead of creating new cells. 
  3. Stress relief- through exercise one can reduce their stress levels and improve their hair growth rate. Stress causes hair damage so it is important to make sure to release unnecessary tension.  

A healthier body leads to healthier hair.  It’s not rocket science so I really encourage you to do some cardio,  jump around for half an hour every day or so. Get that heart pumping . 

It is imperative to note that in as much as working out will boost your hair growth,  it may be just as detrimental . For example if you over do it and strain the body , you are causing unnecessary stress to the body and hair. Secondly,  the sweat can strip off some oils and cause the hair to smell. The constant friction on surfaces like mats and benches when working out can dry out the hair too. 

One has to find protective gear to protect the hair from dryness.  A satin laced hair band / cap should be off some help. 

I hope to continue with my working out because in the last month of staying at home, it’s been really helpful.