Mini twists

If you are a seasoned natural or have come across any information about natural hair , then you know that twisting your hair is mandatory. It’s one of those ” can’t do without” type of things

People twists their type 4 hair for different reasons  

  1. To preserve their twist out 
  2. As  a protective style 
  3. To begin their loc journey 

I’m here to talk about number 2 & why I love this protective style so much.  

I have decided to keep my hair in mini twist variations since January 2018 till …well for as long as I can. I wash and condition my hair biweekly then redo my mini twists. I use aloe vera gel, oil mix and shea butter whip as my LOC

 I chose this style for the following reasons 


  1. It holds in moisture : when I wash my hair,  I moisturize it using the LOC method. The twists help lock in the moisture because I barely touch the hair during this period.  
  2. It’s a low manipulation style: with twists , I barely strain my edges or pull the hair. This means that I don’t cause unnecessary damage to my hairline or scalp. 
  3. It enhances my curl pattern: because the hair stays and absorbs moisture in this form , the curl pattern becomes enhanced.  
  4. Your hair stays detangled 

I will be updating you on my progress,  that is growth , volume and curl pattern progress.  I have noted that my hair , which is high porosity does not get dry as fast as it did in the past year . Now, I can go upto 14 days with moisturised hair.