My Natural Hair Journey: Sheilla Phiri

My last relaxer was in 2013 from there I went natural without an knowledge on how to take care of my hair in it’s natural state. Through social media I learned a lot which is why i am still natural. In those years I experienced and experimented a lot..🤣🤣 used color on my hair without proper knowledge on how to take good care of your hair when colored, my hair was damaged . I big chopped for the second time in 2017 Now I have the knowledge on how to take care of my own crown, knowing what my hair loves and hates.

Natural hair is not a one size fits all, know your hair, love your hair and enjoy every stage you at ❤️❤️

I wish to use this experience to be able to inspire women to change their mentality of thinking relaxed and silky straight is the only way to go. I want to motivate women to embrace their natural beauty and not give into Society’s standard of beauty. Most importantly, I wish to continue educating women on how to care for and maintain their Natural Hair which seems like a lost art now days.

Would love to share my own understanding when it comes to the natural hair community , sharing my knowledge with everyone out there and also to learn from my fellow sisters and brothers.

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off..❤️❤️