My natural hair journey: lola ru

When I had relaxed hair I would leave it for a long time without relaxing it. This meant I would have a lot of growth. I loved the afro so I would try the look a lot but hated the fact that my hair didn’t look the part.

At the time going natural wasn’t something on my mind because subconsciously I knew there was stigma against having mfushwa hair. Even after removing cornrows I’d leave the hair with that curly look and people would ask me why I didn’t wash my hair or do something about it. Deep down I really loved my curl and I would still try it.

I’m not a patient person so getting a weave or braids would shock people who know me because I was always critical about the extensions. They just didn’t look as natural as I wanted . I struggled to find a hair stylist that managed to give make the extensions look as natural as possible. I always want to look as natural as possible, even with my make up and nails. I went for the natural look and absolutely no artificial nails. I had an inner desire to live in a world that accepted me to be myself, my natural self.

In 2017 I decided no more relaxers just after I left my job. I had had my last relaxer in 2016 October so I had some growth. Dealing with the 2 textures was hard and I didn’t know what to do to the hair. I was at that point of giving up.

A friend came from SA and she worked for a natural hair distribution company and to me that was a clear sign from God. So I started trying out the product and I saw progress I was gaining volume and that afro.

Even though I saw all this , I still couldn’t leave the house with a nyangara ( messy afro) , I still wanted to straighten it as much as possible. My husband Tawanda asked me why I was struggling with the combing, it was just so painful and unnecessary. One day I decided to try the nyangara . I got compliments from people around me and soon I was comfortable with the look.

Now people stop me on the road to ask about my hair. The more I got involved with my hair I realized I could make money from this. I would advertise the product and get commission.

There was a hunger in me though to keep going and as a beauty therapist I always wanted to have a beauty line. I realized my niche is natural beauty.

I’m really lazy sometimes but now I understand 1st Corinthians that talks about love. When you have natural hair you need to have those attributes like love , patience….and this journey has helped me do that. I have developed my personal brand and my voice as a writer because I have had to learn about myself. The barriers I had in my mind are gone. I accept myself as who I am , beautifully and wonderfully made.

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