My natural hair journey

Hello, I’m KinkyMane263. I started my natural hair journey about 7 years ago.  My journey began not out of an aesthetic need but out of a need to satisfy something that felt broken within my spirit. I know, that’s strange right?  But i was depressed.
 Graduating from varsity did not bring the promised employment and independence that i thought it would. I felt bereft and cheated and i took it out on my straight long hair. My natural hair journey began as a revolution of sorts. And in some ways it was empowering to embrace my natural self. 
It was also scary and confusing and frustrating. Through out my journey I’ve heard comments like “wow your hair is beautiful, i bet it would go up to your back if u relax it” lol funny right.  Why can’t my hair just be beautiful fullstop. I’ve had painful experiences in hairsalons until i gave up on salons all together. I’ve heard washdays that have left me wanting to just hack it all of. But I’ve also had ones that where immensely  satisfying. Like the first time I successfully washed and did mini twists on my hair.

That was a win. I decided to share my journey with others not because I’m an expert but because I kept getting questions on how i maintained my hair. Even now 7 years down I’m still no expert. I’ll always keep learning. And I’ll always keep sharing what I learn. 
To those who want to go natural here’s my advice, brace yourselves lol no, not for pain, but for all of it, for the beauty, the awe,  the freedom,the frustration, the judgement, the list is endless. Natural hair is a natural part of our bodies as much as anything else on ur body and yet going natural is viewed as making a statement.  Like you’re anti the status quo! But i suppose the more of us embarke on this journey, the more that will change. So go forth naturalistas, be bold, be proud, embrace your natural self, is there anything more beautiful ; )
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