My natural hair journey: Vee Daisy

The question of how I went natural makes me super excited because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have discovered my deep passion for hair!

So, I’d been relaxing my hair since I was 8 years old, you know that thing when you’re part of the flower girls for a wedding, and your mom allows your hair to grow so it can be permed with dark and lovely beautiful beginnings 😅 and then frozen with gel sort of thing?😅 Yea that’s where it all started.

I’ve always had thick, full hair and fast growing hair so my intentions for going natural were far from trying to improve strength or thickness. I decided to cut my hair late February 2017, which makes my hair 3 years and 3 months old. Atleast that’s what I thought! I was reminded recently that I permed my hair for a whole year to have s-curl (if you Zimbabwean you know what I’m saying) it’s basically textlaxing my hair.

The reason for my big chop (the one were I didn’t necessarily go natural) was that my hair had been cut into awkward lengths by mistake during the unraveling of braids. As time passed by with my twa I started discovering the benefits of growing hair that is chemical free and I instantly fell in love with the idea. So I stopped textluxing and transitioned my hair mid 2018.

Firstly! Natural hair was the healthiest option chemical wise and health wise in the long run. Chemicals have a tendency to leave a mark in the long run; my mom, who’s hair genes I inherited, is recovering from alopecia and she attributed it to chemicals! I found it absolutely unbelievable that she used to have hair like mine as I walked down her “hair memory lane”. It was after that I not only became convicted that I wanted to stay natural but I started encouraging others to keep natural hair.

When I was fully natural, for sometime I struggled with the upkeep of my hair due to its coarseness, the more it grew the harder it was to maintain. It’d suck up product and shrink almost 80% of it’s length. I had to make a plan, and figure it out and I’m proud to say I’ve finally found what works for me. I’m however an unconventional naturalista. I love DIY from products to styling hair. That’s why I started my Instagram and Facebook blog @veedaisy. I recently started a YouTube channel (
so that I’m able to demonstrate the things I write about as natural hair care can become really technical.

I hope you enjoyed my share. Happy Nappy Hair Caring! 🙂