This is the day in the life of every natural haired person where they focus only on one thing : washing their hair. It is imperative to understand that this day is the basis of your hair regimen. This where the moisture and protein are restored, the detangling and cleansing. I’ll walk you through my washday and maybe it may help you.

The first step is to do a prepoo. A prepoo is a treatment done before shampooing your hair. It can be a hot oil treatment ; you heat up oil in warm water and keep it in your hair for about 15 min.

Some opt for a simple oil , water or conditioner mix. Something to help detangle the hair and cleanse or heal the scalp if necessary. The main objective however is to protect the hair from the harsh effects of shampoo. That is why most people use oil.

The next step is to Shampoo. I only apply and rinse the shampoo once. Repeating the process could be harsh especially if you use a shampoo with sulphate. A non sulphate shampoo is the best option. Remember to shampoo the scalp and not the hair first.

Treatments follow up this section. Deep conditioning or protein treatment. I alternate between a plain deep conditioning treatment and with a protein treatment. I wash my hair 2 times a month. Some weeks I include my favourite mask ; bentonite clay mask.

Benefits of treating your hair

  1. Deep condition: the main objective is to restore moisture and prevent dryness. It also makes the hair softer reducing frizziness.
  2. Protein treatment: replaces protein and strengthen the hair. The best type of protein to use is hydrolyzed keratin. Gelatin is a good home remedy for this. Always do a deep conditioning treatment after a protein treatment because it leaves your hair hard.

Rinses are optional but serve different purposes. For example one can choose to rinse using tea because it is an anti breakage mixture. Ginger to combat dandruff or rice water as a protein treatment.

Rinse out using water at every stage before moving to the next. I am high porosity so I always end my washes with cool water as it closes the cuticles and helps hold in moisture.

After washing, you have to moisturize and do a low manipulation style that will not cause unnecessary damage to your hair. My choice of moisturizing is the LOC method

and I keep my hair in mini twists.