Lockdown 2020

The 7 types of Naturals 

I asked a few people on Twitter how they were managing to take care of their hair during the lockdown and I realised something; there are so many different reactions to this lockdown. Let’s see where your reaction places you !

  1. The F this crew : these are the people that totally gave up on their hair from day 1. They either hide it or just let it be. They will try once or twice but after a while ; they just say “F this” & let the fro flourish. https://twitter.com/Hlengiwe_Mt/status/1256177920328044550?s=19
  2. The over achievers : these guys are already on top of their game in hair care but with so much time on their hands they have gone above and beyond to introduce new massage techniques,  filming YouTube videos and a hardcore moisturizing regimen. Unfortunately none of them showed themselves in my survey. We all know they were too busy editing their new Tiktok hair styling post.
  3. The eager – beaver : suddenly you are the king/ queen of diy. Guava leaves , rose petals,  home made deep conditioner. You have tried everything. I was you once , I know you well. You have so many bottles,  roots and leaves around you, we don’t know if you are making a potion or the next best thing after toast bread. https://twitter.com/ThembelaNgulube/status/1256308009455607808?s=19

4.The stumbler: you are either a hoarder or a lazy natural.  Now with all this time you remember that you have some product,  somewhere and you dig it out and wham ; it’s a bloodbath. Mixing everything because the expiry date is nigh . Or you finally realise; your hair actually loves coconut oil. https://twitter.com/KinglySqabhobho/status/1256213397911322625?s=19

5. The non-committal: nothing is new to you.  You are still lazy and you don’t want to deal with your hair.  Well I’m you right now. You just pick anything you have already been using , pour it onto your hair and forget you even own a head . You really won’t be bothered.  https://twitter.com/Tinashete/status/1256182527456350208?s=19The newbie: you 6. The newbie: you just dived into it because its something you have always wanted but never got down to it. Now you can give it all your attention and learn right? Wrong….where on earth will you get products? Everything is  closed. Better luck next time. https://twitter.com/Bakari_sibanda/status/1256171233609203712?s=19

  1. The clueless: you just don’t know what the hell is going on! Everyone is going natural and you are too but nothing is working.  You have tried “everything” but you seem to be getting it wrong. No new growth, the banana conditioner was hell to wash out. You just don’t know what to do with yourself.  With all this time on your hands you are getting so much info but it’s still not working. Well it’s only been a few weeks Florence! Breathe . You’ll get it. https://twitter.com/beemgunie/status/1256172321108303872?s=19

Think I left out any other type? Please share your thoughts with me. If I described you perfectly,  don’t crucify me 🤣 I just couldn’t resist. Thank you for being a part of my survey.