Aloe vera for natural hair

By Sofia Saungweme

Have you tried aloe vera on your hair? If not,  you probably should. I just started using it regularly 4 months ago and my hair has changed. Its darker and my curls are more defined. The volume has seemingly increased as well, as for length well I’m just one of those people that never really think their hair is growing 🤣. 

3 ways I use aloe vera gel

  1. Pre-poo : I use the gel as a pre-poo.  Mix with water or conditioner and oil, spray on the hair,  massage through and detangle hair. 
  2. Deep conditioner: I always add the gel to my deep conditioning treatment and it gives my hair slip. The curls will be popping afterwards.  You can use as it is or mix with your regular deep conditioner.  
  3. Leave-in conditioner: for my L in the LOC method I never leave out aloe vera. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera 

  1. Reduces hair thinning 
  2. Treats the scalp from dandruff, fungal infections and balances pH. 
  3. Stimulates hair growth 
  4. Moisturizes both hair and scalp 
  5. Treats alopecia 
  6. Enhances curl pattern 

I have , so far only used the plant in gel form , however I am yet to try it as an oil. Remember to always let the yellow juice seep out and wash the leaf. If you see any irritation stop immediately. Follow this link to see how I make my aloe vera juice without a blender.