Faux locs

My addiction

By Sofia Saungweme

Hi ! My name is Sofia and I am  a faux loc addict! I mean it’s not that bad is it? And I don’t need a support group do I? Maybe…..I don’t know.  

My first set was in December of 2016. Color 99j , yaki braid and wool. Loved them. But it was the wrapping method and I was an amateur,  you can imagine the pain. I kept these in for about a month and went back to my weave for a bit. 

I then decided to try again, around May 2017. Brazilian wool,  all black , waist length. Loved them. I kept them on for about 6 weeks to a month,  maybe longer. I loved them so much I didn’t really see how long I had them in.

 In July and I had a blonde set. I kept this for a few weeks and then its blank from there. I’m joking 🤣. That’s a period that deserves it’s own story! 3 months and damaged hair later,  I redid the blonde. The exact same set. No judgement 🙄.

After this I decided to fix my life! Well rather my hair and started my recovery journey. It was simple really,  long term protective styling and maximum moisture. Guess what my style of choice was? Yes! Faux locs 😬🤭. 

So my first 2020 set was Brazilian wool,  I kept it in for 2 months. February to April.  My hair was so happy ❤.

 May to July was my first Marley braid experience and I will tell you this, I am never going back to other textures. I used the wrapping method because that’s the only method I knew.  Color 1 & 33 as tips. They were gorgeous. Trust me.

I tried 2 more sets between july and September but honestly I was too tired and they both turned out to be messes. One set literally fell off! The other one,  well I’m not sure how to say they were ugly. Oh they were yaki braid & Brazilian wool so that could be the reason.

My intention was to always have them in black, I did well for a while but I have always had a thing for color so I fell off a the wagon.  Big surprise there 🤣🤭. At this point I had discovered what are called dreadloc extensions. There are a number of types but my method allows for your hair to flourish and stay covered.  When you take down the locs , your hair will be fine. No need to cut it off.

This set lasted for 4 months well a little below 120 days so yeah. The first 2 months,  I had them in all black and long. Then the 2nd half I made them shorter and added a little blonde to the edges. So when it came to these I had already started washing and treating my hair in them. Every 2 months I renew and they are as good as new.

I was so in love would this set but I had to let go at some point. I took them down in January 2019. 

May 2019 , towards my birthday well I went for black and blonde. I loved these guys! Gosh

 Wait…I said that about every set.. meh whatever! Point is they were gorgeous.

So at the 2 month mark , I had to renew and like the previous set, I cut them short and went all black this time. I enjoyed that for a few weeks but I didn’t go all the way to the 3 month mark probably I was a week short.

Fast forward to May 2020 , I literally repeated the same sequence as last year 🤣😬. I’m a few weeks in and I haven’t had time to actually enjoy them since we are on lockdown. The plan is the same. Change them 2 months in and I’ll decide what colour to go with at that point.

A lot of people have mentioned they don’t like my obsession and that’s okay. Its not like I actually care🤣. 

Why I love my faux locs 

  1. I look good in them 
  2. The braid is light 
  3. Low manipulation and maintenance 
  4. I can have 30 braids and still look just fine
  5. It’s my signature look
  6. It’s a marketing gimmick.

If you would like to get a similar set , you will need 2 packs of Marley hair. I premake the locs a few days in advance and yes you can keep them in as long as you like.  Your hair will be just fine. Using my method, I won’t speak for other stylists.